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Kenneth H. Thompson

Traditional Library

Author of the best-selling book A Child Born Man

For author Kenneth H. Thompson, childhood was anything but idyllic. In his memoir, he chronicles his life story and the lessons he learned in the process. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he grew up with two brothers and two sisters, but he suffered abuse at the hands of his step-father.

Hoping for a better life for her son, Thompson's mother adopted him out to another family. The joy was short-lived, as his adoptive mother was a saint by day and a devil by night, due to her drinking. In this memoir, he tells of his miserable childhood and the circumstances that led him to drug use, crime, and an eventual prison stay at Rikers Island.

This autobiography details Thompson's journey through the storms and the darkness in life, but it also narrates how God came to help and instilled light in his mind and his soul and facilitated a complete spiritual balance.

“I like the story which is original and true autobiography.
You can feel the wrters feelings and spirit .”

This is a rare inspirational journey between the flesh and the spirit which formed through the learning experience and the guidance from GOD a true circle of balance”

“A vividly depicted account of childhood abuse which is painful yet compelling. The journey of the protagonist is made all the more mesmerising by the fact it's a true story. A Child Born Man is a powerful and intelligent read..”

A heartwarming story of hope!!..”

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